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Hello there! This is Shin Fun World, we create videos to review everything that is new to us and to also help other people as well by showing a clearer view of the product or place, we also capture on camera anything that is fun. We want to make the childhood of our son to be as memorable as possible even we just have limited and enough budget, just to let him experience the childhood that we did not have and for him to be happy. Our goal is to bring our son to Disney Land, and hoping for your donation from our creation will be a big help to achieve our dream. Thank you in advance!

The video is a sample of our son's happiest experience in Kidzoona. :)
$0 of $500 per month
If we reach $500, we will create his own room. Since our home is not yet fully furnished, our son is still sleeping in our bed and does not have his own room. If we reach this goal, we can create his own version of his comfort. We will also buy a higher quality camera for more realistic visualization and clearer voice input. 
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