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If you ever decided to travel by yourself, just so that you can rest and get away from a world that scares you, then you sure didn't think that there is something that never leaves you. Not your family and friends, and neither your job and money. 
I choosed to start this journey with you in mind, you who decided to support someone you've never met, you've never seen, you've never talked to .. 
I am LIGHT. And i will be the one who never leaves your side. Just like the the sun, moon and stars never left your side. Their LIGHT showed you the way, so let's walk side by side, you and me, and create our own way.
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"When i reach $300 per month, i can finally by a good camera to provide better videos and i'll probably, ooh surely buy a new laptop where i can write and create better stories .. :'( ! But it's all about the equipments .. caméra and laptop, clothes for my dancing videos and all that. 

ooooh and pay my electricity bills .."
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