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About Sensei Lewis

It has always been the goal of my teacher and his teachers before him to offer true and effective self defense lessons to those in need of a way to protect themselves from harm. We here at the Shinobi School of Self Defense aim to carry on that same goal. We never like to see people bullied, abused, robbed, murdered and violated. We want to help you not to be a victim if at all possible with our lessons in self defense. Many call us about our lessons and training with us but live in other states. So we decided to help you by offering you access to exclusive online training with us through Patreon. Join us and support us as we offer you self defense training videos and talking sessions exclusive to Patreon users. 
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With this goal ($1000 month) in mind, we would like to be able to have group sessions where we can speak with students and viewers. We will answer questions directly or share tips and techniques based on special circumstances and encounters the viewers and other students may have experienced or would like to know how to handle.
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