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About Shion

*Please read the notes at the final of the description*

Patreon September :

Tharja cosplay set only from Tier Lvl 1

Tharja boudoir from Tier Lvl 20 (if we reach 10 patrons, unlock it from Tier Lvl 5)!

Tharja implied nude from Tier Lvl 40

+All the rewards from each tier,check them!

About me

Hi! I'm Shion, a cosplayer from Spain, I love cosplay so much , most of the costumes you see on my Instagram are selfmade, it's so fun to make my own clothes or armor and learn new things. I also love cats ^///^

¿Why Patreon? 

I created this platform for people who wants to see more content appart of Instagram. Here you will get full sets with more exclusive photos! There are cosplay , boudoir , implied nude..also prints,fansigns and more :D 
Of course, if you join on my Patreon, you'll make me very happy , and help me to do more cosplays and photos.



- If you become a Patreon,the first time you will get charged instantly, after that, if u stay the other months, you will get charged each 1st of the month :) is not obligatory to stay all the months on my Patreon, you can cancel your subscription when you want and then you will only recibe the rewards from this month.

-I always send the rewards at start of next month, for example, if u become a Patreon 2nd of June, you will get all the rewards on 1-5 July(except the Fansigns and prints, I send them during next month).Sometimes I post some previews on my Patreon feed!:3 

-All the rewards will sended with we-transfer to your mail. Be attend cuz the links are automatically deleted after 7 days. 

-Don't worry if you think that tier lvl 1($) is nothing, because it's a lot for me,even if doesn't helps me a lot to buy my materials.

-If you have any question , ask me <3 I can resolve all your doubts!

-For access to my private Instagram, please, send me your Instagram name !
-If you don't want to be my Patreon, just one of my sets, I selling some of them here:

But be sure that I don't sell all my sets. That's why I recommend to be my Patreon , because you can get my photos and more extra rewards;) I also delete some of the sets I post on shoptly after 1 or 2 months 

Select a membership level
Lvl 1
per month

Even if this tier is just a little amount, you help me a lot with it!

Thank you<3

-Acces to my Patreon feed

-Polls where u can vote my next photoshoots or cosplays

-Cosplay WIP

Lvl 5
per month

With this tier,you help me a lot to continue doing more photoshoots and costumes,so here are some little rewards for you:

-All the previous rewards.

-One cosplay selfie set

-Fansign with cosplay

-Acces to  exclusive makeups/costests

-GIF's or mini-videos   

-Access to my private  Instagam (Shion.moon)

Lvl 10
per month

This is really helpul to continue preparing my photoshoots and make them more beatiful! :3

With this tier you will see more cosplay stuff:

-All the previous rewards

-Access to my cosplay sets.

7 of 10 patrons
I would happy if we reach 10 patrons soon , thats why I decided to make it as a goal! 
Next month is halloween ,so if we reach this goal before 31 of November:

-Full halloween lingerie set will be available on November from Tier Llvl 5($5)!!
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