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Tier 1: Bonus Covers
per month

1. Have your name featured on my Videos

2. Access to all bonus covers that don’t go up on YouTube 

3. Be able To give feedback on what cover to make next, and give feedback during my arranging process ~

4.Access to audio files of my covers  with only 1 guitar part

Tier 2: Beginner- Intermediate Guitarist
per month

If you’re just starting with guitar, or consider youself a beginner- intermediate, this tier allows you to learn how to play your favourite songs- from Kpop: BTS, BlackPink, etc... to Western pop: Taylor swift, Lauv, Halsey, etc...

This tier allows you to learn the foundation of all my arrangements, the chords of a song. It will build your foundation for you to advance to fingerstyle.

1. Everything from $1 tier 

2. Access to easy chords to your favourite songs through play/strum along videos 

3.Access to Simple Tabs to follow along with for more advanced plucking

Tier 3: Difficult-Advanced Guitarist
per month

You have probably seen many odd techniques in my covers, like the percussion. And these Taps and slaps are hard To notate on paper. Since I started, I’ve never been able to find tutorials on percussion, so I made this tier to explain how to do them, and explain how and why I add these extra things to my arrangements~

1. Everything from tiers 1 and 2

2. Mini tutorials on percussion+techniques I use in my covers




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About Shlyn mashups

Hello~My name is Ashlyn, you can call me Shlyn :)

What is a Patreon?
Patreon is a site allowing supporters/fans to financially support creators. I produce every cover by myself, from learning the song, to recording, to editing, and to uploading. So 1 cover can take me weeks to a month to produce. So supporting me here would really allow me to invest more time into doing what I love, making music. 

What is a Shlyn?
I am still a student, and in hopes of jump starting a musical career, I uploaded my first YouTube cover. Having received such welcoming support, I am very thankful for my viewers~
Currently, I’m launching a Patreon to further financially support a potential musical career.
With your support, I’ll be able to invest much more time into producing covers and music. So even pledging $1 tier will be greatly appreciated 💜

 A little of my guitar background: I started with classical guitar and gradually moved onto acoustic guitar. I’m currently a Grade 6 (ABRSM) and am classically trained. I started learning guitar because I wanted to play my favourite songs on the guitar, and having heavily relied on online resources, I definitely know the immense amount of help it offers. So All the content I upload onto my Patreon will be content I wished I had excess to when I started.I wished I had videos teaching me how to play my favourite songs(mostly kpop at the time), I wished I had videos explaining how or why they added percussion, I wished I had tutorials and tabs to help me. 

What is Benefits?
I’ve seen many people comment on my videos how they have recently picked up the guitar because of my covers. I’ve crafted this content to suit everyone from beginners to more advanced guitarists. To suit your needs and to make learning how to play the guitar a bit more fun:) . Hopefully being able to evoke some excitement when you get to play your favourite song on the guitar~

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