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Nya Nya Nya.

Just to say you chipped in a buck, say you did it twice! 

 You make it to the credit reel with photo/avatar of you. It's a small corner of the screen in my live stream, but it counts and I want people to KNOW who helps, even if it's once.


 I'll have a blog of my basic(none complicated) plans for you to see and TRY to update weekly.

     Questionaires will follow, so if you think something is REASONABLE and easy with what I already have, offer the idea! example: poses , music sounds,drawing, etc which I might just be able to do.

Everything helps,I keep all people in mind.

Keep this level in mind for all higher tiers!

2017 posts ONLY, very limited
Limited (3 remaining)
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Because some waited or put up 10-20 times more for the same content. It's only a splash of what I've posted

Demongirl Club
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Literally a set of 10 gifs like the Foxy Fara set.

It'll be one time, then more later off and on.

You may or may not have sen 1 or 2 before(depending on if I sent personally or posted ONE long ago online). I'll try to keep the captions and text out! 

Also includes Tier 1 "nya nya nya" I slap your name on credits in future demongirly vids which you helped support. 

Again, characters made and shared by ME. Usual drill, try not to share, these are made from combination of apps on my phone/ipad/etc. 

So you are supporting ME and only me with this, when I make anything to be seen, it needs to be seen by people like you who love it.



About Shocktress

 This part is hard since I'm the most shy person you know. ...

Like,  what in the hell world do I say?

....but  I'm too laid back to take much seriously, so no due dates or expectations are real.
So I'm not sure where the obsession starts and ends.


Supply my work to respectful supporters that which was meant for them if I could only do things right. 
     PROBLEM:   So by putting too much together in one project, I just end up desensitizing people. Lots of work goes into a video, music, photos, setting, final products, but one aspect can ruin it all by simply not being of a certain taste.  Example: livestream with great background, cosplay, but a game, that no one likes. Saturation. All that work for "who cares"

So my pieces here will be variety:

  1. Photo prints, postcards, etc of past or future photoshoots. Sneak peeks.
  2.  Those mini movie things, I can't act or dance so.... bare with!
  3.  Music (post copyright 2016,2017,2018) because it's always in my head
  4. How-to vid or tutorial etc, "you never know what you might wanna know"
  5. Live Jam session, my baby and most effort. So many issues and struggles, 1 good show.
  6. Drawings, yeah I do that occasionally 
  7.  Supporter badges medallion (like actual mini-sculpture casts ) , etc. 
  8. TBD, TBA , who the hell knows but there's always SOMETHING (may involve a couch and 3 talking spoons).
* I'm less likely to do a webchat simply because muteness, not reliable for chat. plus " look at me rolling around on a floor making faces at camera" isn't a fun thing to watch Drawing live takes too long but. .. No stripping,lewd,etc if you get the mid drift.
      Producing art takes serious TIME, money, effort, inspiration, skills, and whatever talent you might have.
So donations go to stuff you would never think is important to make stuff happen:
  • Makeup? lots? yes!
  • gloves to put on makeup? remover to take it off and not sneeze for days?
  • CR32 battery?
  • material to make dem fancy thigh high boots that make me taller than I deserve? long way down.
  • 3.5mm input to iphone(3 lined) cable? mmmmm lets get you plugged in. wait... ..  .. 0.0
In the end, I would like to take my Jam on the road:

  • Music
  • Outfits
  • Flashy background
  • etc  where everything is made on my own(unless special request supported by many)                                      
So here are some examples of what I can send you which are in my STORE, but here you can easily get MORE(like in "May Fox be With You" level) 

Thanks guys,
 some of you have really supported me in the past in other places. 

47% complete

String me up, before you Go Go.

Basic needs to jam are basic travel equipment and actual sound systems.
I need a good set of speakers , high watt(like 200 at least) not made of cheap plastic, 3 way (no hyper tweeters)
I need a real stand and station to mix. atm, bare bones,

My mind is ready, my supplies are not!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 301 exclusive posts