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About Shop With Leslie

Shop with Leslie is a website and blog designed to promote and explore black owned products.  The focus is on: 
  1. Companies and entrepreneurs that have developed or designed products under their own label, and sell these products online through their company or a designated website;
  2. Companies I designated as "black owned" by reviewing existing lists and databases, examining the information provided on company websites, reviewing information on social and other media, attending events showcasing black owned products, and through meeting business owners.                                                                                                                                            
We provide a comprehensive A - Z directory, and our goal is to make it easier to find specific black owned products. We do not sell products. We organize information to help you quickly identify black companies that sell the goods you seek. It is built on the simple concept of retail store browsing. When you are looking for a specific product, whether it’s a handbag, fascinator, eyeshadow palette, or sunscreen, you go to the relevant section and browse various brands. Black owned product labels however, tend to be less represented in retail stores and more available through online shopping. Therefore, grouping products together with key information and descriptions for your browsing pleasure is what we do.

The concept was born in part through my quest to find makeup primer and remover from a black owned brand. In going through many black owned cosmetic company websites, I found most did not sell makeup primer and remover.  Also, I did not want to stop at the first 2 or 3 companies who sold these products. I wanted to see what more was available to compare by type, size, and other aspects before I made my selection.

I have made numerous blog posts on Shop With Leslie and have gained extensive knowledge about black owned brands.  Consequently, I am offering personal shopping services.  If you are interested in shopping black owned but lack the time to find those special gifts and products, I am happy to do so.                                      

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
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