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is creating Articles and Graphics to breakdown political issues
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About Shout Out UK

I started Shout Out UK at age 22, it has been a hell of a journey and we could have never gotten to where we are now without my AMAZING team and YOU, our incredible readers/viewers and now Patrons :)

Just to give you a bit of an idea of what Shout Out UK is. We are a youth news platform that provides you with information and easy to understand breakdowns of the world of Politics. Regardless of who you are, politics impacts your life in a variety of ways and yet we receive no education on the subject in school. This leaves a HUGE gap of understanding when we hit 18 and are then able to vote. But vote for what? For who? How does the system work... we've all been there...

With Shout Out UK, we aim to break down these issues and explain the world of politics in ways that are clear and easy to understand.

Our aim is simple: To provide a global collective voice for the next generation that is armed with the tools necessary to incite positive change.
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