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About Showpeace Games

If you're looking for a YouTube channel that aims to cover a truckload of videogames from nearly any era, genre, and system imaginable, then this could very well be the place for you.  We are Showpeace Games, a YouTube gaming channel whose participants are scattered throughout Connecticut.  A cinematographer by the name of Melissa Fidler had this Facebook page called Showpeace Productions, and some dude called Preston Plourd pitched to her this idea of borrowing the Showpeace label and creating a channel that would aim to be like numerous other world-renowned YouTube gaming channels, complete with campaign playthroughs, multiplayer fun, vlogs, and a podcast.  Melissa agreed, and Preston found a group of fantastic friends who were more than happy to invest their time into helping record the channel's content.  With all that said, let's get into what this page is meant for.

As you may already know, many YouTubers out there have been able to make the practice of recording videogame YouTube videos their full-time job because of their large fanbases and the Google AdSense program.  However, YouTube will only allow channels to be monetized if they have enough subscribers, and their automated content ID system can be very fickle at times depending on what games are being played and what music can be heard (Regardless of whether or not said music was already installed into the games).  As a result, these popular channels have used Patreon as a tool for earning money needed to cover life necessities, the games and systems they want to play and record, and the required recording/editing equipment.  You may be wondering, "Why should people donate money when YouTubers get plenty of money from views and possibly have other jobs off-camera?" Well, the answer is simple -- Not only can essentials (Rent, food, utilities, etc.) in a YouTube gamer's life be very pricey, but those who donate (Those people are known as Patrons) can receive really cool rewards and help the YouTuber's gaming library grow a lot faster, which leads to a wider variety of content; Hopefully that answer makes at least a little bit of sense to you.

Now that we've talked about how gamers use YouTube as their job, let's talk about us and what our channel is about.  As mentioned before, we aim to cover all the systems, genres, and eras you can think of.  With our large roster of gamers, we can do any genre out there -- RPG's, driving games, shooters, sports, puzzle games, party games, fighting games, arcade games, you name it.  We also cover a mix of new and old consoles, so whether you're a fan of the new consoles like the Nintendo Switch or oldies like the Atari 2600, you won't be disappointed.  And there will also be videos of certain games you don't see very often on YouTube.  We'll even occasionally play real-life sports and even some electric games and board games.

When we're not gaming, we also record vlogs of certain events we go to (Like conventions), and broadcast a podcast via Google Hangouts.  Our podcast covers different topics about what's happening in the gaming industry (Conventions coming up, studios being acquired by big companies, etc.).

Thank you for reading through this humongous description of what our channel is about; We hope you have as much fun viewing our content as we do producing it!

-Preston, Melissa, Jahsh, Ben, Alex, "Tech," "A.R.," Will, Brandon, and Megan
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Your donations help cover the costs of things like editing software, capture cards, microphones, games, online subscriptions, game systems, computer parts, accessories, business cards, and cameras.  We're trying to grow our recording library as fast as possible, and we are more than happy to reward you for helping us do just that!
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