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Your contribution means a lot to me, and in thanks for your donation you will be able to watch me work via live video and chat with me while I do so. 
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Your donation is really important to me, and in response I would like to offer the following: 

Every person to donate $20 or more will receive: 
-Access to livestream feed of my artwork.
-2 magnets with images of your choice from my previous works.
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Wow! $50 may not seem like a ton but to a freelance artist it's enough to pay for anything from two week's worth of food to art supplies for a new project, to part of my rent/utilities.

Every person to donate $50 or over will receive:
-Access to livestream feed of my artwork. 
-2 magnets with images of your choice from my previous works. 
-A single small personalized print, signed and framed of a bird, insect, or flower/plant of your choice.




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My name is Julian, and I am a transgender artist and illustrator from Upstate New York, USA.

I work mainly with a mixture of watercolors and gouache paints outlined in ink. On rarer occasions, my materials can range from recycled magazine pages and reclaimed cardboard to colored twine and dried coffee grounds, depending on my project of choice. I consider myself fairly versatile in the various different mediums I can work with, but my favorite projects tend to be mixed media. 

Birds, insects, plants, and nature symbolism. Recently I've been branching out from wildlife art into drawing and painting people; more specifically, members of the transgender community located in New York State. I want to focus on uplifting the voices of people whose experiences normally go unseen and unheard when we think of the common narrative that is presented about transgender people. My work focuses on depicting transgender people the way they want the world to view them, allowing them to take back control of that narrative.

Your continued patronage and encouragement means that I have the financial means and the motivation to keep creating! I really want to hear your feedback, your comments, and your observations. They help me improve and progress and drive me to create more. It blows my mind that there are people out there who are willing to offer patronage to an artist just to enable them to create more of their work. It opens a line of connection that allows me to continue to grow and progress as an artist.
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When I reach $300, I will start a video series about my work as an artist and talk in-depth about the Transitive Art Project while providing an exclusive look into the process of painting portraits.
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