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About Shubbabang

My name is Shelby Miller and I'm a digital artist/comic creator!

As a freelance artist, Patreon helps me immensely with safely covering my bills each month! I draw comics (Which patrons have access to before anyone else!), and digital art! My goal is to be able to safely cover my bills each month with Patreon and be able to limit commissions so I can devote more time to personal projects and in turn, more time to Patreon rewards! I'm always brainstorming new ideas for rewards, and one day I hope to be able to support myself on my work!

What you access by becoming a patreon:
  • Early Viewing of bi-weekly comics
  • Process pics of digital works
  • Colored pencil drawings of the subject of your choosing
  • Misc sketches!

Things in the works:
  • Patreon Video

If you're interested, become a patron, and as always,

$665 of $750 per month
Not only would this cover my monthly bills, this would make it that much easier for me to produce more original works and focus on misc. other projects! Once I reach this goal, I will give a shout out to every patron in one big post to be shared on various social media!
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