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About Shut The Puff

That was HERNAN... the snarky grandson of cantankerous old BIDWELL who hosts a video-Blog called SHUT-THE-PUFF! We follow this patchwork family that includes the ghost of his Grandma LILITH, as they survive their own idiosyncrasies. Each has a peculiar perspective that reveals secrets over the scope of the series, conglomerating into a collective dementia. Celebrity cameos appear once and a while, advocates for a cause they represent in the media, and well known for their inspiration. As the foibles unravel with all the conflicting opinions, the family bears the burden of sorting through their prejudices typical of so many dysfunctional relationships. Yet this tried and true kin always speak for the unappreciated underachievers, the struggling stragglers and the deranged depravers who have been told to SHUT THE PUFF!
Don't be fooled by the trashy opening of BIDWELL's Video Blog. This old rocker-relic lives to share quality antics he sees on the net. This series has BIDWELL introducing various gnarly picks he posts on his channel, “Shut The Puff”.

All the skits will be animated in a mash up of styles, from cutout, puppet, flash and even 3D animation. I want to keep to more of a guerrilla-animation style throughout, but well performed character animation drives the humor. Most of the scenarios will be made up, but I can’t help but be inspired from some real life viral videos I have seen. I imagine a running segment of an animated Grumpy Cat. And I always thought of bringing to life some of the funniest Memes I have seen, steering away from anything with copyright issues, of course. The animation skits would spoof the viral videos to make a joke from the joke, or find some kind of irony to the original content.

Overall, the show plays like a series of short films. Sometimes BIDWELL chimes in to offer some reaction, but each episode may have two or three gags playing back to back before he rocks in.

At the beginning of each episode, BIDWELL sets up his video camera for the blog, as LILITH makes some crazy lunch with odd ingredients. She can only be seen by the many cameras BIDWELL has set up all over the house using his special techno-savvy digital motion control system to follow her every move. So when people come to visit, they only see thing move around in mid-air, especially when she is cooking! The knives seem to have lives of their own.

BIDWELL launches into rants and raves and moans and groans about various antics he sees on the net. People jumping off their roofs, characters stumbling off a treadmill and getting slaughtered in the process. However, the animation shows the aftermath to be expected: broken bones, gushing blood, and deformities. His entertainment choices involve anything with physical humor, seeing as his decrepit body creeks and cramps with his every gesture. But his pet peeve is watching people dance. The carefree movement charms him. Sometimes he dreams of his old rocker days when he slammed with the likes of Nick Cave, or dredged it up with the Grateful Dead, and he marvels at watching the ridiculous attempts of grace and rhythm, but with snide resentment and envy.

BIDWELL doesn’t discriminate in his quest for crazy dance moves, from fumbling waltzes to contemporary extortionists to a tango gone sour escalating into a brawl. His exotic tastes sometimes get him in trouble when he sees a male dance troupe break-dancing wearing stilettos.

LILITH is a girlish, voluptuous, pretty kind of woman, who hums constantly. And that’s the only thing you will hear from her. Everything she reacts to is with an hmm or a hum. She can't speak on account that she is a ghost. Sometimes when BIDWELL’s constitution keeps him away from working the blog LILITH will sit in, but she has a wicked little side.
She won’t announce the videos but it becomes clear her interests revolve around anything related to Wicca or Magic, like instructional videos, séances gone wrong, and grisly recipes. She eventually reveals through her choices that she is a white witch. The fun comes when she comes across people casting spells, like a pimply-faced girl trying to clear her skin, or when a Haitian Mamma demonstrates how to make a voodoo doll to increase a man's libido but seems confused about what to put in it.

Sometimes BIDWELL records LILITH for the Blog, to show her off, and she hums and hymns to her own little dance for him. As she sways and swoons, BIDWELL wells up, then she busts a move from a heavy metal head bang, or to a pop song twerk, then back to a sweep and shuffle. The way she interacts will always be with her smart-phone. She is constantly on it and seems to view everything with it. She types her messages into the phone, and words will appear on the screen. The house is riddled with cameras from every perspective, so BIDWELL can easily see her and she can communicate with him seamlessly.
Sometimes the Blog will be set in the kitchen as BIDWELL comments on the lunch she is preparing, and tries to suggest alternatives for the thwacked out ingredients he is about to be fed, but to no avail as she never responds aside from a pleasant mm-hmm. We can see childish drawings on the fridge, demented family photos, and food shots, like so many people seem to enjoy posting on net, of brews and concoctions she tries out on BIDWELL. The plating photos will always have some macabre feature, like eyeball meatballs with intestine looking like noodles.

LILITH's dark side grows as the series progresses as she starts to acquire more edgy tastes, but it will always be in good humor. For example, she follows the wonderful world of Crepe-Paper Girl. A lovely little creature made from rose-colored tissue paper that frolics in the woods as the animals all swoon in awe at her skip. The big fluffy bear bashes his eye lashes at her in glee and then in a swipe, slices her into pieces. The crepe-paper suckle a red blood-like liquid that seeps out of her torn shards. Shorter versions of the skit return in various episodes and repeat the travesty with various other animals that turn on the poor child to end her frolic in the most heinous of ways. Sometimes Crepe-Paper Boy will be used, for variety.

HERNAN is the grumpy grandchild who sees himself as a great artist. He announces himself as HERNANDO with some famous made-up last name, correcting BIDWELL's pet name for him, HERNIE. In his own mind, everything he draws or paints looks like a masterpiece, but when we get glimpses of his artistic efforts on the fridge door through the camera view, they are gimpy stick people and scrawling lines. He grumbles a lot, complaining about the lame crayons Granny LILITH gets him, always being the wrong color. And he really gets annoyed at Grandpa BIDWELL's loud rock music! It always seems to break his concentration during that illusive awe-inspired paint-brush stroke he is about to perform. Aside from the various how-to-paint videos he watches from 'happy painting' landscapes, to more sophisticated contemporary art documentaries, which provides a great source of humor in itself, artistic movements will be spoofed in HERNAN's web surfing. So skits may appropriate a Jackson Pollock zany look, or a Picasso paint smear caricature, or a Warhol style interview with kooky artists.
HERNAN also likes watching gym and fitness videos, to study the body of course. He admires all human forms but enjoys the likes of body builders selling product, or mangled step classes, slippery hot yoga demos, and occasionally vacuous fashion model tips, male and female. Eventually it becomes clear HERNAN is in the closet, or leaning that way. His interest progressively gets more evocative, so he sneaks onto BIDWELL’s computer because his internet access has parental-locks. The perspective of HERNAN always comes from a camera view from within the scene, either his own computer, or BIDWELL’s computer video camera. When HERNAN approaches LILITH, she will take out her smart-phone and we see him talking directly to her camera. Whenever we see HERNAN enter the room with a device the scene changes to what he perceives, or wants to see.

He carries a pencil and brush and has the ability to change anything in the scene to whatever he wants, again in his own mind, but his imaginations will be animated as if they are happening. So some dragon all of a sudden shows up and blasts a fireball at Granny LILITH, or a Scorpion jumps on BIDWELL and starts stinging incessantly, causing welts to puss and explode. The scene inevitably returns to reality, taking on the perspective of a character, and it is revealed that nothing happened of course. The final skit follows HERNAN going to school that Grandpa BIDWELL videotapes for the Blog and shows him interacting with other kids. When the other kids eventually piss him off, which is a lot, HERNANDO will go ninja and whip out his pencil to redraw them into a new character to deal with his disdain. He often turns people into cockroaches, and steps on them. 

Episode 1: Lily makes Lunch!
LILITH has something brewing most of the time in the kitchen, and uses BIDWELL to experiment with some interesting combinations of flavors, or sometimes she just want him out of her hair and will feed him anything at hand… you just never know. In this episode, BIDWELL dons his Cam-Cap, so we can look around the place. We see a lot of cameras mounted and tracking every move, and a pretty unkempt house. But aside from that, we get to watch some interactions with the characters, and have some fun with some underlying features of the series. One of which are the drawings on the wall changing from sketchy crayon doodles into magnificent works of art every time HERNAN enters a room. Another is LILITH's obsession with her touch pad, so words will fly across the screen from time to time when she has something to say. BIDWELL shuffles along, once and a while stopping to blast a tune and an instant dance party explodes… they just can't control themselves! Oh yeah, and we get to meet the CAT!

Episode 2: Ninja Warrior!
HERNAN makes a new friend from the neighborhood. BIDWELL kind of wants HERNIE to be more sociable, so he forces HERNIE to spend some time with a neighbor's kid who has more of BIDWELL's disposition. HANSEL seems like your typical slacker, so he and BIDWELL get along just great. HERNIE however has a tough time trying to put up with him. They surf the net to find something in common, so we get to see some interesting website antics, but they settle on playing an online game called… wait for it… NINJA WARRIOR! With some crazy avatars to choose from! Oh yeah, and we get to play with the CAT! Well, only if it wants to play…
Episode 3: Sophia's Whispers

In the pursuit of magic, Lilith starts watching a video-blog about a ghost named Sophia, called… 'Sophia Whispers'. This character is cloaked in white and floats about as she recites poetry about ghoulish creatures and supernatural experiences. This segment delves into the macabre, a tad sinister at times, but still in keeping with the entertainment of watching a cartoon. Things could get dark in here and maybe a little bloody. And you guessed it, that nasty CAT will make an appearance too.
Other Possible Episodes:

Twit Hop - Bidwell watches Hip Hop girls and boys get into a dance-off… twerking and hopping ensues.

Stiletto Bros - Hernan watches a line dance troupe perform in stilettos, Bidwell catches Hernan on his computer.

Majestic Voodoo - Lilith gets voodoo tips from a Haitian blogger named MAJESTICA.

Peach Pit People - Bidwell watches a square dance performed by puppets that have peach pits for faces. The dance escalates into a vigil with rattle snakes and delirium.

Psychedelic Dreams - Bidwell has a flashback of his rocker days.

Crepe Paper - Lilith watches animals eat the crepe paper children.

Treadmill Slaughter House - Bidwell and Lilith watch people get mangled after falling off their treadmill. This is romantic time for the two.

Biblical Séance - Lilith watches a paranormal experience séance. The participants wear harnesses with flashlights to throw light upwards to give everyone monster lighting. They begin to recite poetry recipes in Latin, but no ghosts and ghouls are summoned. An Ouija Board on the table begins to move, untouched, contacting God by accident.

Rooftop Puddles - Bidwell watches a guy about to throw himself off a rooftop. Several people anxiously wait their turn as he hesitates, and spur him to jump. Finally, he jumps and ends in puddle of blood. The others shrug and follow him also ending in pools of blood.

Standing Dance- Lilith shows Hernan a modern dance of two men standing still, but they have the ability to make their limbs crawl around their bodies like snakes. They become knotted and unraveled several times.

How to fry Rotten Eggs - Lilith watches a cook show where strange and exotic ingredients are used, like eyeballs, intestines, and brains.

Gay Jr. High - Bidwell takes Hernan to school and tapes his interactions with other children. It becomes clear Hernan may be gay, and Bidwell tries explaining what that means.

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