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About ShyBear

Hi there friends! 

My name is ShyBear and I am 26. I get the fabulous honor of being able to be a partnered broadcaster on and with SteelSeries. I have been broadcasting on Twitch for about 5 years now and hope to provide content for years to come!

Why support on Patreon?

Supporting my Patreon is a way to help me make more time for content creation and will help up the quality of the content I already provide! This is also a WAY better way to see what my monthly income is in order to keep track of bills and other expenses needed to keep broadcasting for a living. Twitch is a very unpredictable source of income and patreon really helps me in ways that Twitch can not. <3

What is your money going towards?

Any patreon tier is helping tremendously at paying rent, electricity, internet and other bills that are needed to keep providing content for you and everyone else. This also helps me provide you more content (more consistently) and to give you guys a huge "thank you" back for all of the support that you do!

15% complete
I am trying to stream full time so the monthly goal of $1000 would go towards
-bills (rent, internet, electricity, heat, etc.)
-pet bills
-a car (in dire need of a 4 door vehicle)
-improving the stream quality (trying new games and doing giveaways etc.)

This is my full time job and dream and I hope to be able to continue to pursue it!
Every bit is beneficial to me and is VERY appreciated. 
Thank you.
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