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Becoming a Great Person will allow access to the Patron-Only feed. That's where I will post polls, ask questions about potential videos and games and such,  and even some behind-the-scenes videos once I get enough support. Every Patron that I have will get an in-video mention, on the YouTube channel. 
I'll Use Your Name In-Game
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You get the stuff from Tier 1 (private patron only news feed stuff), as well as:

Anyone that gives to this tier will be eligible for in-game use of their name! That's lots of mentions, and laughs in a game like Rimworld; a city named after then Civilization; or whatever else some other game allows! 

You're Really Into What I'm Doing
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Everything from previous tiers is included. This is for people that want to support me more. Perhaps for the Rimhammer stuff! Have your name added to one of the Rimhammer mods as a permanent potential name for a pawn.




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About SickBoyWI

I'm making RimWorld mods. The Rimhammer - The End Times series. Bringing some Warhammer love and flavor to Rimworld!

I completed the Rimhammer - The End Times base mod. Details on Steam: Rimhammer - The End Times.
The second mod in the series was Rimhammer - The End Times - Dwarfs. You can see details of that here on Steam: Rimhammer - The End Times - Dwarfs.
I'm currently working on the Rimhammer - The End Times - Beastmen mod. It is not released yet, but you can see tons of details on Discord. Rimhammer - The End Times on Discord

Please consider some support. I put tons of time into these mods. I'm literally talking about five to seven hours a day when development gets heated. Meanwhile I'm trying to keep the YouTube playthrough videos going for those that enjoy them. SickBoyWi on YouTube.

You can see the Discord discussion here: Rimhammer - The End Times on Discord

A bit about me:
I have been a video gamer pretty much my whole life. I was a software engineer for almost 18 years. I'm putting those skills and experience together to try and make something awesome here. Please consider helping me out!
$53 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 per month, I'll commit to a strict schedule. It'll be Polished Playthroughs at least once a week, and regular games at least once a day.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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