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About SideNote

Hey there, as you are aware, I make entertaining informative videos on some of the least explored topics on from history, geography, economics, science and pop-culture. At time when YouTube creators stick to sure-shot topics - subjects that are bound to bring lots of views and hence revenue, I try to explore subjects that aren’t really talked about. Sure, this has got risk attached to it, some videos perform very well while some fail terribly but what makes me happy is that I’m not repetitive. Yeah, this may sound like a cliche but I make videos because I love making videos, this is why I don’t have a fixed schedule but still, I try to upload at least two videos a month. 

I do all the creative work myself - finding topics for video, researching, writing a script and putting everything together through video editing EXCEPT narration. Narration is the easiest part of the job but if not done correctly, it can ruin all the hard work that went into the video making. For this reason, I’ve got a friend who does narration for my videos, he’s an amazing host and I pay him for his services. 

YouTube revenue is cool, no doubt about it but it’s not reliable. I want to continue following my passion for uncovering weird stuff about this world and that costs money in the form of payment to my host, charges for editing software and more importantly, payment for relevant stock footage and animation. I’ve discarded many projects only because I couldn’t get relevant footage at a cheaper rate. 

That’s why I’m creating this Patreon so that I can be assured that the cost of making videos will be paid-off. Even if a video get demonetised, I’ll be rest assured that I’m not losing money out of my pockets. 

If you choose to pledge money you’ll ensure that I continue making videos on my channel for you and for those who can’t afford to pledge money. 
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