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Hey there, as you are aware, I make entertaining informative videos on some of the least explored topics from history, geography, economics, science, pop-culture, etc. Making videos like these take a lot of time and some expenses. Youtube is not a job for me, so, money is not really an issue as long as the expenses that go into making videos are covered.
I want your help in ensuring that, if you can. This will help me be assured that I'm not spending money out of my pocket if a video gets de-monetized or angers the algorithm gods. 
With some extra cash, I'll be able to buy some more relevant footage and images to present my content in a more engaging manner.  

So yeah, that's it. I'll continue to make videos for free because I love to, regardless of Patreon or anything. Thank you for being a subscriber. Thank you for reading so far because that means you care!

Have a good one! 
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Help me cover some of the expenses that go into making videos - payment to narrator, editing software, newspaper archive, magazines subscriptions, charges of stock footage website. 
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