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What is Silent Eye?

Silent Eye is a series of short films shot on smartphones (actually Samsung S8 and S9 devices). Each episode is a self-contained short science fiction story usually set in the near future and dealing with a technology which is within the realms of near future possibility.

In other words, there are generally no alien spaceships, laser guns or teleportation devices. Here's a list of the current episodes to give you an idea.

1. You Have Been Chosen

An indecisive office worker downloads an app to make all her life decisions for her, on condition she agrees to follow every instruction.

2. ReGen

When a Bitcoin heist goes wrong and half the gang end up dead, the remaining members must use a disturbing method to recover the passphrase for the Bitcoin wallet.

3. The Unlocking Thought

The MindBright System 401 works roughly 800 times faster than traditional therapy. The system’s inventor is able to improve people’s lives by using it to reveal a subject’s “unlocking thought” – but what about his own life?

4. Museum of Me

A successful entrepreneur is surprised to find he and his wife have been invited to the opening of a museum exhibition… all about himself.

5. Sleephouse

When the planet’s resources are no longer enough, 20% of the population must be “optimized”. But will Rasha avoid the Sleep House?

Behind the Scenes Material & "How To" Tips

In addition to the series episodes, there will be as much behind the scenes material as we can find or create.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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