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About SilentFox

I have been both gaming and writing in some form since I was about five years old, I started off on the Commodore64 and ZX Spectrum with games like Space Crusade, Terminator & Power Drift. Gaming has been a passion of mine ever since from the Mega Drive to the Playstation and now the PC so it was only natural I always dreamt of getting involved in the gaming industry in some way but never could quite figure out what or how.

Like many, I tried my hand at YouTube at first posting simply edited replays and let's plays without commentary but quickly realised without a vocal commentary I wasn't really offering anything unique. Which is what gave rise to this idea, written let's plays and creatively written gaming content!

Whilst what I offer will change and grow over time here is what I currently do or am planning to do:
  • Story-driven creatively written let's plays of various games such as Crusader Kings 2, Stellaris, Rimworld and others in the future.
  • Fan-fiction type stories when the inspiration strikes!
  • Community interaction
Here is what you can expect if you decide to support me via Patreon which I would be infinitely grateful for:
  • Polls to guide my content from what I do next in certain games to what games I write about.
  • Priority for having your name included in the written let's plays for characters, planets, ships etc!
  • More to come in the future!