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About Robert Cavill

Working from the script born of the imagination and talented wordsmith, I am in the process of creating the first episode of an eight part Graphic Novel. Bound to silence until the initial release, I can only express my excitement and dedication to the visual realisation for this project.

After the initial release, my attentions will be focused on the remaining episodes. Furthermore, along with it's co-creator I will recommence work on another Graphic Novel "Broken".

The seeds of this story began back in 2008, the combination of an offhand comment and an innocent misbelief, seeded and quickly took root in my mind. Originally the concept was to be nothing more than a short comical story based on those events. Over time the idea grew into what was to be my first foray into comic book art. As with some creative endeavors, that simple comic concept refused to allow itself to be resolved. Over time it evolved in depth and complexity all that remains from its humble origins was a character name. 

Between conceptual and metaphorical layers intermingle subtext with idealised musings lies what "Broken" became. A collective title for the core narrative trilogy (along with several shorter side tales) centered around the (anti) heroic journey of a neurotic freelance investigator and his assistant.

For those interested a selection of development art work can be seen on my website.
For a taste of the incomplete Prologue.

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 Allowing me to officially lay the groundwork for "Silent Image". The umbrella production name the planned Graphic novels will be produced by.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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