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About Silent Wolf

Heyooope! Here Teg! Mostly known under the name of Silent Wolf. Welcome here to mah funny drawin' stoof!

A bit of me before explaining my Patreon page. 
My name is Teg, I am currently 17 years old and I have been drawing -seriously- for about 5 or 6 years. I plan to study Graphic Design at the University, but while that arrives -which is little more, just one more year-, I dedicate part of my time to creating content from series and movies to my liking, such as My Little Pony -more than others-.

I'm a Mexican freelance artist, who likes to illustrate, read, listen to a large variety of music, astronomy, a fan of photography and the Japanese culture, animated series, apples, oreos and coffee. ;v;

Yes now. Why a Patreon page?
I plan to use this account so you can support me in a simpler and more comfortable way. You just have to support me with $1 and you will have access to everything - absolutely EVERYTHING - whatever I upload here!
The biggest Tiers - $5/$50 - are already for those people who want to support me and my work.
Of course, I would appreciate that support with what I love to do!
Illustrations every month and 2 months!
Don't worry if you only support me with $1, everything is super well received! It all helps!

Everything that I manage to gather here -more about my commissions- I will use it to be able to harvest a new graphic tablet, in order to bring you better quality content every day!
I hope you help me achieve these goals. Thank you very much for all the support!
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