is creating Simulator and wargame videos, 3D modeling.
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About Silver_Dragon

Amateur 3D modeller, DCS: World enthusiast, YouTube (DCS World, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, War-games un-boxing and sessions, etc on English and Spanish)  and  Unofficial DCS: World Road-map maintenance and DCS: World news community sharer. Redactor on Avion Review Spanish Aviation magazine (Simulation section with modern combat review articles).

In 1987 I discover the computer games and with them, the wargaming and simulation games. With the time, I see the progresion on better computers, and how the simulations get more and more complex and realistic. On 2003 I discover Lomac (Lock On Modern Air Combat) and start to follow actively all progresive develops. On 2012, with the release of DCS: World, that change to a serious matter, and starting to create a unofficial roadmap to the comunity, with all news, releases and plans with Eagle Dynamics, Belsimtek and 3rd parties. from 2013 to 2015 I was into some projects modules with not reach to a release status. Now, on last months of 2016, I start to build unoficial week updates to maintain informed to the english and spanish comunity with the progress on DCS: World, and review deep the sucesive DCS: World updates, intent discover the new 3D models

I was a little 3D modeler facet, on the 2013 to 2016 I was making 3D modelers intent to integrate them on DCS: World, but never I finalized any mods by my poor texturing

My nick (Silver_Dragon) comming from when I was active Dungeon & Dragons players (today I only play some sporadic party with old friends). In the D&D mytology, the silvers dragons live on high montains, on dungeons with bigger libraries and help to others races with known and aids.

My Main You-tube channel: Silver_Dragon Main "unofficial" DCS News Youtube channel

Objectives (To-Do list):
1 - Update my computer to continue make better videos news and updates to the community.
2 - Purchase all DCS: World Modules to make reviews / flights / Tutorials, etc.
3 - Return to 3D modelling by 3DS Max:
- Continue build and make new ships to DCS: World (a long old road-map on hold)
- Learn 3D model texturing
- get 3D Max / Photoshop / video editing licenses.
4 - Open others fronts (if applicable and community members approve them):
4.1 - Return to civilian flights branch
4.2 - Return to Space Sims
4.3 - Make more game-plays / un-boxing with war-games / solitaire games to the community.
5 - Rejoin to learning English to better reviews outside my mother language (spanish)

I build "Mirror" Youtube channels to build more dedicated videos:
DCS Outside Simulator / RPG channel:
RPG / Other Simulator games
- Wargaming (digital/Tabletop) channel:
Youtube Wargaming
- 3D Modeling
3D modeling youtube channel
$5 of $20 per month
- Continue making DCS Week video to the comunity.

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