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Welcome to the family! Our art is created with your help, thank you! Behind the scenes, updates and little video's are yours to see!
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Just a coffee a month in exchange for some beautiful music joining the Simio Board?! Yes please. When we won't know what to do, have thoughts or new ideas, you'll be the one we come to! 
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One afternoon lunch in exchange for more discounts and FREE music? Definitely! You'll be the first to be able to download our latest record BEFORE released. Free of charge, for our Patrons!




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We are Simio Jazz Trio.

We create art. 

After releasing our debut EP Delusional,  we have been working hard. Our hard work has already paid off in a beautiful review by award-winning magazine Music Connections (USA), multiple performances in beautiful venues: We are on the right track! But....

Jazz music isn't as populair as it used to be; the budgets for performances and album purchases aren't very high. For an upcoming band and with young musicians, it's hard to find a way to put all our energie in our art (think jobs), while still being able to make a living. We are very committed to this group and need a little more time, so we can lift ourselves to the next level. 

By joining our Patreon, you will help us keep creating our art, make a living while doing so and invest in our music! (music video's, recordings, CD's). After joining, you will be part of our humble family! You will get exclusive access to, for example, video's (that YOU helped create), private events (exclusive concerts), coupon codes for upcoming albums, free tickets to a show, early access to albums or even a free limited edition poster (designed by upcoming art students). These items will be available once a month, or more!

We take good care of family, so sometimes you will get something extra... :)
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When we earn $600 per month, we will start to release try-outs to all Patrons. (Live) performances of original compositions will be send to you, or streamed, where you can give feedback to, monthly!
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