is creating and sharing his love for The Sims Franchise, one video at a time
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About SimmerJonny


After much thought on the subject, I've decided to launch a Patreon campaign and ask for your help.

Obviously I didn't want to launch this campaign unless I could give you something back in return for your continued support. So I've figured out some awesome ways I can do that.

If you are subscribed to me on YouTube, I'm sure you 're already aware I love The Sims and enjoy making videos, whether it be Let's Plays, news, machinimas or anything else Sims related.

There is no other reason I do this other than to simply put a smile on someone's face. I really do love what I do. I love you guys for watching.

So why am I asking for help?

My channel is still relatively small and the simple fact is that I don't make enough money from Youtube to be able to carry on doing this full time, as much as I would love to. I'm quite a way off from being able to live on what I make from YouTube and so I'm asking for help until I can make that happen.

Quality Guaranteed

As probably many of you know, YouTube isn't in the best place right now, they're constantly changing the rules and most frustratingly, messing around with what you could potentially earn. So I want back that freedom to create the best content possible without having to worry about how many views a video will get.

So what exactly do I mean by 'freedom'?

My main goal right now is to improve the quality of my videos, and I can do this in the following ways:

Firstly, upgrading my audio equipment, which can be very expensive, a half decent microphone these days can set you back well over £100. 

Another hugely annoying element I would just love to remove from my videos would be the amount of adverts shown on my channel, specifically 'mid-roll' ads which ruin the flow of a video and often leave viewers annoyed.

Rewarding Your Support

I often get sent free stuff by EA such as game codes for the latest packs, so I would love to be able to give these away randomly to my supporters. 

Other rewards include shout outs, follows on Twitter, viewer created Sims in a video, free t-shirts and game giveaways.

Living The Dream

I LOVE making videos, seriously. I LOVE playing The Sims, all versions of it and most of all I LOVE entertaining people. It's my passion and I'm sure if you've watched my videos you already know that. I want to carry on being a full time YouTuber. Can you help me to continue living my dream?
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Purchase new audio equipment, such as a higher quality mirophone and accessories.
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