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I love making videos (most not original) and just being in a good mood, if you want to support me, you can donate here.

I want to let you know that, a lot of the content I post wasn't totally made by me, I am more of an editor and let's player than a creator. I always provide credits and links in the description and if there's something missing, I never mean to, just let me know and I can fix it

I have 2 youtube channels btw
Just chilling and doing edits:

I am also not taking patreon seriously, so I am avoiding the perks. I don't think I deserve money if I am not taking this seriously but if you donate, many thanks, I just hope I can improve my quality in the future

Me encanta hacer videos (la mayoria no son originales) y entretener a la gente y subirles el animo, si quieres ayudarme puedes donar ^^

Tambien quiero que sepan que muchas cosas que hago no son 100% hechas por mi, yo soy mas de editar y jugar, no tanto de crear. Siempre doy creditos y dejo links en la description y si falta algo ahi, no lo hice aproposito, estaria bien que me dijeras para que lo pueda arreglar

Por cierto, tengo dos canales
Lo que se me de la gana:
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no c
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