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Having been raised by my 100% Sicilian Nana, aunt, and mother - I'm crazy, but that's beside the point.
It wasn't till I was an adult, living on my own - a single mom with an 8 year old son - that it dawned on me - Shit! Now I have to feed this kid!  Up until that point, my son and I lived with my mother and SHE was the cook!
At first it was a nightmare - not the food, but all the injuries I'd gotten in the preparation of it!
Experimenting, trying to remember what my mother and aunt had ATTEMPTED to teach me, I realized that I not only enjoyed cooking (except the cuts and burns!), but I was very good at it!
Because of health issues, I was forced to retire from a job I loved, and I CANNOT not have something to do.
Having been diagnosed with MS, I feared that the nerve damage in my hands would keep me from ever really cooking again.  Much to my deleriously happy surprise, my neurologist told me that most of the nerve damage in my (at the time, nearly useless) hands was from carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, and cubital tunnel syndrome in my right elbow.
An orthopedic surgeon had diagnosed and repaired the cubital tunnel nerve entrapment in my left elbow in July of 2015. My left ring finger and pinky still have the slight feeling of pins and needles in May of 2019, but they're stronger and I have much greater control of them.  After the surgery the doctor said that the nerve was so severely damaged, that my fingers might always have the pins and needles sensation and be a bit weak and clumsy.  But he said because of the surgery, the nerve damage wouldn't get any worse.

I'm sorry, I have an emergency.  I will finish this as soon as I can.

I'm a neurotic, retired (for medical reasons - including the neuroses), Federal agent who's just trying to figure out how to live again.
There've been too many changes, through too many phases.
Sometimes we have to look at our lives and consider our legacies. 
This vlog/blog/rant/tirade/"song and dance" is going to relate to my legacy. I started out intending on saving the world, but I've had such a hard time just saving myself.

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