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is creating role playing game (RPG) content, art and comic books.
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  • Behind the Scenes News
  • Access to our Patron-only posts
  • Monthly PDF release
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About Sinopa Publishing

Welcome to our page! 

Every month we release a new character, companion, creature or monster of the month.  This release is created for use in your 5E game and has full stats, a narrative/story featuring the subject, a full page/full color illustration of the subject, as well as tools for game masters using these characters (varies with each release based on the subject).  We release that content on the 15th of each month directly to you. Releases typically contain six pages of content, or more.

Patrons have access to behind the scenes information on what we are developing, receive early glimpses at art and receive play test materials as they are released.  The behind the scenes access is fun, often informative and sometimes (let's be honest) a bit funny, so watch our Patron-only posts for these glimpses behind the curtain.  

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Adventure Awaits!

Sinopa Publishing was founded in 2017 by W.S. Quinton and has been producing role playing game content ever since. In 2019 we released our first comic book, 47 Furious Tails (issue one) and more titles are in the works!
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Reaching this goal, we'll be able to increase the pay rate for our commissioned artists and add an additional PDF release each month. 
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