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Hey guys and welcome to my Patreon page! This project is extremely time consuming, but I love every second of it. This is why I have started this Patreon page to give you all an option to donate. Any money you feel the need to donate is hugely appreciated since it will allow me to keep developing these maps for years to come and keep the BO3 modding community strong!

I currently don’t have a job which is another reason any donations would be a big help, otherwise I will have to find a job that will restrict me from designing maps with to this level of detail and scale.

I really want to say thank you to everyone send positive feedback on Twitter and YouTube even though I don’t respond to everyone, I read every single comment. And anyone who doesn’t donate, I appreciate you just as much!

  • Ruins of Shuboth

The map "Ruins of Shuboth" Is set in a dark, decrepit Victorian London setting, this alone gave me a huge variety of environments to get creative with. The map's easter egg / story will revolve around a religious zealot who has worshiped the keepers for most of his life for reasons that will be explained during the easter egg. We are staying away from writing into Treyarch's existing story, changing or editing parts seems wrong, so we are simply extending the story through separate tangents. The story and scripting will be worked on by Dr.Lilrobot who's has a respected & high class track record with his Black Ops 1 mods which you have most likely seen before.

The maps soundtrack is completely original and is being created by Paul Christoforakos. Every day, new tracks are being created and tweaked, some even scrapped completely. I value audio just as much as visuals when it comes to games, which is why we are not compromising on music.
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