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Hello, there.

My name is Gennadiy Lasarev, and welcome to my Patreon! I've been developing games for a while - but it's always been something of a hobby. 

You know what? Years have passed, I'm not a bad programmer and now a lot of things I know about game development. I decided to start a Patreon here for support. I don't like the things I see in apps&games today! And I believe that today many developers are investing a minimum of effort in their projects expecting to see the maximum result! Many developers are just doing business, for which the players are only a way of income - they do not hear their audience at all, because it is more profitable for them to just plug their ears and continue to make money by any means! Even with lies.

I love people who play games. And I love computer games - I believe that I can bring to it something new, something better. This is the only right attitude that I see fit for a good developer. So I want to start with a little mobile app. Tamagotchi-like. Because it is interesting. Because it's clear what needs to be done. And to be honest(as it always should be) - I could use some support! I thank in advance those who understand what it is to sit for days at the computer and develop something. Model. Check out the light on the render to be right. Invest in the project as much effort as would be enough for several such projects -because you really love what you do, no matter how much work it takes to do something!

Keep an eye on what I'm doing! Support me on Patreon! Let's see what we can do together. And Thank You for even being here!

- Gennadiy Lasarev, SiriusRU
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This is enough to make the app officially released on Android.
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