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  • You get to help me decide what to decidee or stream and what days of the week
  • You get to see SUPER early access of my reviews of games 
  • You get to hear my original beat style and samples in any of your videos or if you don't have a channel then its for you to hear
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  • If you have a channel and have a video that comes out video that comes out then i will promote it in my server
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    and previous stuff
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About SiroBound

Hey, welcome to this page of mine!(I don't know what im doing still)

This is SiroBound and its a youtube gaming channel, for now its only for ps4 since my phones cannot livestream the games i play on there and i have no capture card currently and my laptop is too slow from all of the music i produce and sample. I thought long and hard to decide to make one or not but i did and now im here since i want to play games and stream and make episodes and expand my channel. I didn't think a good way to explain myself heheh. I want to entertain and one day do gaming reviews too but i need lots of help with that. I also have a discord if you wanted to join me, its still in progress as well.
and if you wanted to watch me on other stuff then theres this
Power Within, Heart of the Cards, Heart of the Patreon? Ehh...I'll work on it hahaha
$1 of $900 per month
When I reach or if i reach $900 a month then I actually have a way to get discord patreons to be heard on stream since i will have enough for the equipment i have
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