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Hi everyone! My name is SirSpooksALot. If you're here, then I'm sure you know a little about what I do. Being a fan of horror stories and creepypastas for a long time, I discovered that I continued to hear the same stories over and over on various channels. That's when I made a decision. I thought about how amazing it would be if there was a channel that had content no other channel had. 

That brings us to the SirSpooksALot YouTube page. I made my channel with the goal and dedication that I would do my very best to provide new content - content that cannot be found on any other channel. As of now, my goal is to put up at least 1 video per week, including content that is not available anywhere else, or on any other YouTube channel. My channel was recently demonetized. So the only source of revenue for my work will be from Patrons for the time being. 

Producing this content takes an extreme amount of time and effort. I love doing it, and wish I could dedicate less time at my job, and more time on my channel. I am also having issues with my computer. I have even reformatted it. But it is so ungodly slow, and dramatically affects the amount of time it takes me to write, record, edit, convert and upload my content. I am also hoping to upgrade my microphone and software soon too. And then, most importantly, I pray that I one day have the ability to spend the majority of my time working on my channel. I would love if I ended up having the time to put out videos at least every other day. 

This is where the fans come in. If you like my content and want me to continue to produce more and more, AND (most importantly), you are able to donate to the SirSpooksALot fund, you would be helping tremendously! You would be recognized with shout outs on my videos, and would be rewarded in other ways too. If you are NOT in a position to donate, please continue to watch my videos! I don't care if you can't throw a dollar in the "tip jar". The number one reason I am doing this is to provide new, awesome content for my subscribers. And that will always continue to be my number one goal, giving you guys content that you love! Thank you all so much!

Where does your money go?

It actually costs quite a bit to do what I do, aside from all of the countless hours I put into my work. I am constantly trying to upgrade my equipment so I can produce higher quality videos, and also produce them more often. I am in desperate need of upgrading my computer, as well as purchasing nicer recording equipment. The money you pledge ensures that I will end up being able to produce better videos. I would also like to begin posting videos 3-4 times per week. Thank you all again!
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Hey guys! I've set a goal of reaching a total amount of $500 in pledges from my patrons. This will allow me to get new equipment I need, and also spend more time working on putting out content. Thank you so much to all that have already pledged!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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