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First of all, hello and welcome to Sostian Verancean Gaming Corporation, headed by none other than DukeJamesXI! I am putting this all on the line to bring everyone some great game play and hopefully expand my scope of games and knowledge to all who wish to explore. From rage induced laughs to the comment that will make your day, I will bring you the best and greatest I can give

To begin this and make everything kick off with a bang, I will be show casing much of Unchartred Waters Online and Civilization VI. Of course these games are not for everyone but with time and a lot of help from you, I am sure there is a lot to give! 

My partner in crime is GhostWryder Productions and we can't wait to get going and start bringing you the very best in comical entertainment. From Battlefront 2 to GTA V, CoD, to me with Civilization VI and World of Tanks, you have so much to look into and have a good laugh!

Thank you for any support you can give, as it goes so far for me and my best friend in our efforts to bring you a great experience! We hope that you enjoy this as much as we do!

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When the channel hits 50$ a month, I will hold a vote for a new game or series.
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