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We like games.  We make games.  

We are currently near completion of our first title, BAND BATTLE ROYALE.  It's a card game.  You can hold it in your hand, slam them on the table and yell, whatever you like yelling: or you can just quietly set your game winning card on the table and exit, kitchen-left. Regardless of how you'll end up playing our game, you'll want to.


In BAND BATTLE ROYALE, each player assumes the role of a BAND LEADER. You assemble a BAND and fight other BANDS to gain FANS. The BAND with the most FANS by the end of the TOUR wins.


There are two types of BAND MEMBERS: BAND LEADERS and standard BAND MEMBERS.  Once you have picked a BAND LEADER, (s)he cannot be changed of taken from your STAGE.  BAND LEADERS have unique abilities that will determine the style of your play. BAND LEADERS have a BLACK border.

BAND MEMBERS are similar to BAND LEADERS, but they can be swapped out during the TOUR (game). Collect BAND MEMBERS to increase your BATTLE POWER during BATTLES.  Winning a BATTLE will earn you FANS.


are the cards you collect to win.  You gain them by winning BATTLES, taking them from RIVALS, or any other way you can figure out, within the confines of the rules, of course. FANS have a CYAN border.


There are a few different types of cards you can employ while you're on TOUR.  EVENT cards are GREEN and represent things that happen to you BAND while on TOUR.  ACTION cards a YELLOW and represent things that your BAND does during a TOUR. STAGEHANDS cards are GREY and are those who follow your BAND around during a tour.  They typically help your BAND. GEAR cards are ORANGE and represent instruments and such that you will give your BAND MEMBERS to use on STAGE. VENUE cards are CYAN and are the cards your BAND will use to initiate BATTLES with other BANDS.


Lastly, we have SONG cards.  These are the cards you will use during a BATTLE to sway the BATTLE in your favor.  There are three types of SONG cards: PERFORMANCE cards are BLUE, SABOTAGE cards are RED, and BACKSTAGE cards are BROWN.

So why Patreon?

That's a great question! First of all, it seems like a really nice place for creatives to flex their imaginative muscles and make stuff for you, the Patrons!  Second, it's taken us a really long time to get this game to where it is because we work full time and have families.  It'd be nice to get a few steps closer to making this our full time gig. 

So far, the game has been very well received. We've held a nice beta event (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...), and it was a great time!  We have high hopes for what can become of this game, but we need your help.

Why do you need my help?

Thanks for asking! Because we have been taking our time to make this as good as we can on our first go.  We know the value of time and excellence and that's what we want to bring to our Patrons.  We could have slapped this together and awkwardly started down the path, but we wanted to make sure the cards felt good, the packaging was unique, the art was top notch, the game was fun and engaging, and it was balanced in a way that all walks of life can enjoy. We are so close!  We still have a bit of art to do and we are finalizing our manufacturer.  We need you to help get us that last mile so that, when we are ready to launch, this rocket ship will break the atmosphere and not blow up in the stratosphere.

What's in it for me?

You are full of good questions! We are starting small until we gauge what you, our Patrons, want.  Know that, based on your feedback, we will add to, or perhaps take away from, our tiers to better tailor them to those who are making this happen, you!  Remember, this is just the beginning. Join us as we embark on this epic journey.
$15 of $1,500 per month
Once we reach this goal, we will implement our first comic series based on Band Battle Royale.
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