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About Skijaramaz (Tone Shift)

Hello there! My identity on the internet is Skijaramaz (the 'z' is optional), but I also go by Tone Shift or SJ.


  • Mondays - Tuesdays: My Battery is Low, And It's Getting Dark by Naughty_Ranko
  • Wednesdays: Human Nature & Their Very Own Suns By Blank Page / One Shots
  • Thursdays - Fridays: Empty Horizons by Goldenwing
  • Saturdays: The Bug in The Basement by Tone Shift
  • Sundays: Jibber Jabber

I have found an immense amount of satisfaction in doing fanfiction readings on my YouTube channel, much like audiobooks, notably of My Little Pony fanfictions. I am not against branching into other things from time to time, however.

I have come to patreon because I love doing this. I figure it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a living from it, but I am starting it right now because I actually have a lot of equipment that needs to be replaced or updated, software to obtain licenses for, and so on.

Most of the money I gain from this patreon will go directly towards updating maintaining or replacing my current equipment with newer, higher quality gear so I can make even higher quality content for everyone! Once all of my equipment issues are sorted out, I am hoping to have gained enough experience with Patreon to make my next step wisely.

The benefits you will get for pledging to this page include early access to new content, up to a week earlier than everyone who only watches my YouTube page. You will also get exclusive access to a reading on Saturdays and, sometimes, one-shot readings on Sundays that will ONLY be available to patrons.

ADDITIONALLY, I now accept commissions for readings. Full details can be found in the following google document: Click me.
$99 of $100 per content release
As of right now, I do not currently have anything specific figured out for when we reach the $100 goal proper. Refer to this post for more information.
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