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is creating poetry, stories, and multimedia art
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About Sky Boivin

hello my followers! 
if you love my art, poetry and stories, but can't afford to buy them at this time, did you know that you can still show support in other ways? that's right! any donations/ sponsorship via here will all go to paying for table space at my local venues so that i can continue to network myself and share all that you all already love! it also helps me to ship items out at a cheaper cost to those wishing for my work.
i recently had to obtain a new pop up since the only one i did have was destroyed while setting up at a venue. the table spaces i have been signing up for has been at cost of 25/ 50 / even 75 a space. i would simply love to afford a comic con space, but those such spaces are currently out of my budget. i do however, cut costs as much as i can by bringing my own tables and chairs at these events. 
than you so much for all of your continued love and support!

watch some of my youtube channel for a sample of some of my poetry. I have included a link to one

Also: I have realized this page is a monthly donation page. So if anyone is preferring to do a 1 time donation/sponsorship.  Please message me and I can send the info on a paypal. Many thanks again♡
$4 of $100 per month
$100 for a small first goal! I would love to send thank yous to those who helped me get money raised to get my first book (novel) edited !  some of these wonderful supporters are international, so shipping costs some funds! 
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