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Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn about technology available.  All videos are available to the public, free of charge, but all support is welcome to allow us to continue to produce content and educate and entertain as we can.




Founded by Joshua Slater, a Military Veteran with a passion for computers and technology, SlateComp was thought of and designed to allow everyone to have their computers and other technology setup or fixed without paying the high costs for the “Name Brand” companies. Joshua believes in honor and honesty, meaning the people he helps will get exactly what is agreed upon in a timely manner. After discussing the possibilities with the other founder, Brooke Rodenhizer of Rodenhizer Productions, it was decided to make videos to educate and entertain about various technologies and how they work, so everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.

SlateComp strives to learn about new technology, focusing on computers and personal devices, in order to assist with new technology. Josh has been working on computers for the last 15+ years and has a great deal of experience with Windows 2000 and up with a moderate understanding of Apple OS devices. He has built dozens of computers from scratch, doing the research on each component to ensure maximum cohesion and assembling the components to great effect. He works to bring the same level of understanding and excellence to the company in order to ensure the customer will receive a high level of service at an economical price.

The entire focus of SlateComp is to give the average home user a resource to allow them to utilize technology in their every day lives to the best of their abilities. We are here to understand how the technology works so you don't have to or can learn if you want to!

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