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is creating 2d mmorpg

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What we are working on is a cross-platform 2d MMORPG that you can play within your web browser at home, on the go, at work, on the bus, anywhere. Were hoping to eventually release the game on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch. With a comprehensive skill based leveling system, team play, hundred of quests and story-lines, constantly expanding world, advanced combat, magic, and crafting system, dozens of skills to upgrade.

The game with be free-to-play, there will be absolutly NO “pay-to-win” type garbage.
Once the core game development is done we will constantly be producing new content and new features, some of the new content and features will be for everyone and some will be reserved for our paying members. We plan to ensure that paying members are absolutly getting their moneys worth. We will love and treasure our entire player community but want to ensure a special place for those who support the games development, both before and after launch.

Want to become a part of our community? Check up on game development? Just hang out and chat? Join us on Discord!

and now....Team SK proudly present.....

Sleepless Knights MMO

"A group of merciless knights set sail on their quest to conquer foreign lands for their country when, after nearly 2 months at sea, a major hurricane overtakes their ship and suffers heavy damage. With torn sails and broken mast they could not go back nor forward. With dwindling rations and their lives hanging in the balance the crew began to grow restless and angry, however luck was finally on their side when they finally spotted an island very slowly appearing on the horizon.

After rowing to the island in a small row boat they land and claim the island in the name of their king and the gods. In accordance with their religious laws they must convert or kill any peoples that stand in there way. Initial contact with a local tribe escalated into a full skirmish when the tribe would not bow before the kings flag, they wanted to make clear that they would not yield, so the knights slayed nearly all of the towns people, all but a few, the few were spared to warn others of what will happen if they do not yield to their new rulers.

Word of this slaughter quickly made its way to a witch doctor living high in the mountains. This angered the witch doctor greatly, as all of the islands tribes are under her protection. Using her great magic she placed a curse on the knights to never rest and never sleep again. With no sleep the knights could not fully recover their energy, the only way to reverse the curse is to either betray your friends and pledge your loyalty to the witch doctor and the gods she serves or you must fight through her army of ancient undead solders and finally kill the witch doctor to end the curse that consumes you.

2 paths now lie before you…"
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