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is creating videos to explore video games using camera tricks and mods
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About Slippy Slides

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my Patreon Page I created to support my Youtube Channel 'Slippy Slides'.
I originally started the channel to show Gaming Glitches, however i have now also moved to other techniques to explore our favourite games, to find easter eggs and hidden secrets by using Camera Tricks and Mods... Ever wanted to see the FULL Atomic Explosion at the start of Fallout 4??? Well now you can...
Slippy Slides recently even featured in Gaming Websites across the WORLD such as 'Critical Hits' 'Game Informer' 'PSU' and many more... When i discovered a Mystery Man in Resident Evil 4.
Come and join the fun and even make suggestions to the games YOU want to see explored and I will do my best to delve in.

Thank you to all my loyal subscribers, i really appreciate your suppport in these difficult times.
I hope to see you at Slippy Slides soon!

Thanks again.
$15 of $100 per month
Would make it much easier for me to buy and work on newer AAA games that are being requested, for future episodes.
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