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I first started making youtube videos in 2012 making Lego content. Then about 3 years later I started playing Call of Duty World at War and I enjoyed the crap out of it and it started my love of FPS and History. Then in late 2017 I bought Battlefield 4 which was also pretty fun. 6 months later I began to learn about the share feature and i started to record epic moments which is the best series on my channel right now. Battlefield 4 also led to me getting almost every console battlefiled game except for Battlefield 2 Modern Combat and the first Bad Company game. I also enjoyed the Assassin's Creed games and that started me to make videos and play the story of every game that is part of the main series and I had to start it over many times to get the best out of the content. For youtube I will always try to make the best videos I possibly can and without my small but useful subscribers I wouldn't keep making these videos. So thank you and have a nice day.
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