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About Smart Teacher

Hello Everyone
Thank you for visiting my Patreon.

About me:
I am from a small town and at the time I start my carrier I got lots of hurdles for learning animation and graphics & design because no institute in my town offer these courses and I don't have money to go in a big city for my education so I spend 15 years to build my carrier and in 15 years I face lots of problems (Financially).

Why I am here:
To help others who want to learn animation and graphics & design, I know how hard to find a reliable source to get proper knowledge.
Why I want your help & Support:
Since I am not a reach person I need to maintain my basic experience and keep update my equipment for making animation and my work.

Your donation will be appreciated and helps me to continue my passion.

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I can buy my new light setup to improve the video quality that i made for you
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