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I will give you advance notice of all impending lesson uploads. YOU will know of new uploads before everyone else!
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I will become your Facebook friend, Twitter follower, and Instagram follower for as long as your are my wonderful supporter! Includes the first award.
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You can give me a list of 5 songs you would like me to teach on guitar each month, and I will choose one of the five to teach each month. Includes the first two awards.




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I have been making lessons for a few years now, and have loved every minute of it! However, during the past year, I have become extremely busy with my legal education. My time is more limited and I have not been posting as many lessons as I would hope.

Your support will give me that extra 'push' I need to sit down for a few hours to learn a new song, record a lesson, and ultimately edit and post it to my channel. I will continue teaching guitar regardless, but your support will help expedite the process.

Thank YOU so much in advance for all your much needed support! I really really appreciate it!

Please note: I will likely post 1-4 lessons per month when busy and 5-10 when I have a lot of free time. If I post more than 10, I will not collect any pledges for the additional videos.

If you pledge $10 or more, please feel free to email me at [email protected] to discuss how often you want to donate that amount of money.
$0 of $200 per Guitar Lesson
I would really love to send personally signed guitar picks to all my supporters, and will do so when if we reach our goal of $200.

Disclaimer: US supporters only. For all my international supporters, we will come up with something even more creative!
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