is creating Lets Plays focusing on voxel based worlds and RPGs
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Unlocking this tier gets your input, name, and/or design featured in a video posted to my channel!  Enjoy 7 Days To Die content? Lets work your name or idea into a build featured for a season!  Enjoy Morrowind or Skyrim content?  Enjoy a character or item named after you! Enjoy wacky Borderlands humor? The possibilities are endless.

All donations are also featured in an upfront thank you page, to show everyone that you've helped the channel grow!



About SmooreMC85

Hey friends, welcome to my Patreon page.  A huge thank you for all of the support, even just watching the videos supports the channel and I!  If you'd like to make a contribution it is extremely appreciated, but please don't feel any pressure or anything like that!  Below is a link to my channel, and I hope to see you all there!

SmooreMC85's YouTube channel:
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I think 50 patrons should allow us to start utilizing a professional editor, helping me put out more professionalized content, on a better schedule.  This number may fluxuate, and if we can get a professional editor on board before 50 patrons, we'll absolutely do so!

Proceeds will also go to helping get better equipment, ie: analog mic, EQ mixer, various computer components for better detail and smoother fps whilst recording!

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