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Early Access: Get early access to my upcoming game Prometheus Pre-Alpha, get the opportunity to support the game's development, that will be available on Steam and Discord.

Behind-the-scenes: I'll be uploading the process behind some of my designs and creations, along with my reasoning behind them. 

Discord Community: I have a personal discord server, where you will receive an exclusive role for supporting. Signifying your support toward my work.
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Enjoying the high-quality content I provide ranging from custom interactive discord bots to vast open-world video games? Well, I certainly enjoy making this stuff, because I know you enjoy this stuff. Here on my recently revamped patreon, you can follow my creative endeavors and support me financially here.


I don't really expect everyone to follow my Trello closely, so I spare you the unnecessary search by providing detailed information along with pretty graphics explaining my current progress towards my goals, how I plan on achieving them, and what I have done so far, and where I have failed.


Explore a massive open world that's seamlessly rendered with the Unity Engine, featuring a dynamic day/night cycle with unpredictable weather, complex AI behaviors, and an ever-changing meta. Being the only developer whos working on this title, I'm making this game because I know people will enjoy it.

I have an active discord server, where I help and teach like-minded individuals various techniques of creating or just outright hanging out to chill and play games. I do this kind of stuff solely because of people like it, and special thanks to all my Patreons for supporting my creative lifestyle and endeavors.

69% complete

When I reach my first patreon goal, I will have the ability to use Substance Painter, so I can develop 3D models with complex and unique textures for my games and various renders.
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