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About Penny Parker

Hi there! My name is Penelope Parker, I am a voice actress, musician, video producer, artist, Twitch partner, and more!

You may best know me as the primary host and head showrunner of SnapCube, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating entertaining, positive, creative, and personality-driven content centered around video games.

Most notably, SnapCube has become the host channel of Real-Time Fandub Games, a show where a group of voice actors, comedians, etc. and I gather around to dub the voice acting of video game cutscenes with absolutely zero rehearsal or scripting!

I am also the lead vocalist and one of two primary songwriters for the indie music project Go! Child, which now has two full-length albums under its belt and a few various singles and covers! 

You can also find me on Twitch! I try to stream at least twice a week, mainly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! You can find more specific schedule information on my page!

These projects are my ONLY job and my ONLY source of income. A big chunk of that income comes from YouTube revenue, but recently that source has become greatly inconsistent to rely on. By supporting my Patreon you are supporting me and my projects DIRECTLY and helping guarantee that I am able to put my heart, soul, and, most importantly, my TIME into entertaining you in all of these ways and more. 

Originally this Patreon, like most, was meant to be a way for me to give back and give extra to those willing to throw extra direct support my way, but recently it's become clear that, with my current resources and with how stretched thin I already am, I can't exactly guarantee bonus Patreon content or benefits.

So the deal of my Patreon is this: If you would like to pitch in even just a little bit to help keep me afloat and keep me around, you have my sincerest gratitude and I will do everything I can to make sure it does not go to waste. However, I can not promise anything extra in return for now. This is not a transaction, it is willing support for support's sake only. If that is something you are okay with & willing/able to agree to, your support is more appreciated and more helpful than you know! Thank you for your consideration!

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