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is creating the creepiest ghost stories, urban legends & folklore - animated
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About Something Scary

Do you want an ad-less experience while watching Something Scary? Wanna get exclusive benefits from the show? Then join the Pamilya, the Something Scary Patreon, for all that and more, including behind the scenes materials and story submissions with Sapphire!

The Pamilya is a place where we can foster a community of hardcore Something Scary fans who want to experience more of the show, including an ad-less viewing experience. At only $2 you can get ad-free Something Scary, as well as access to exclusive Patreon posts and polls! Above that, our $7 Storyteller tier features tons of bonus content for Something Scary, including interactions with Sapphire herself. Storytellers will get access to a private Discord server, where they can interact with fellow Something Scary fans and discuss the show together.

With your patronage, Something Scary will be able to continue releasing terrifying fan-submitted animations, EVERY WEEK! Any support helps us to keep going, even the lowest tiers make a big impact on Something Scary’s longevity! We love to hear your admiration and support, and in turn we’d want to offer some of these exciting tier perks for all your help!

So join the Pamilya today, for an exclusive, ad-free Something Scary!

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