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♥My Birdie, Doggie, and I Thank you very much!!

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About Cleo Kantz

Hello! Welcome to my Patreon Page!

My name is Cleo Kantz but majority know me as Snickercat. I'm a Freelance Illustrator who lives in Houston, Texas and I hope to achieve my goal of being a Full-time Artist. My goal is to draw things that not only make me happy but that makes others happy as well! 

With your support, it allows me to be focused on creating photography, art, web comics, and stay up on my social media. It will also allow me to stay motivated with keeping my art up to date and allowing me to progress in my art style. With your monthly pledges it helps me to pay for my college loans, art supplies, feed my beautiful bird and dog, while also giving me the time to chill out more with you guys!

This Patreon is for my dedicated lovelies that want to receive a little bit extra when supporting me, I'll still keep posting all of my art on my instagram and facebook media's, so don't feel like you have to pledge! 

How it works?

If you enjoy my artwork and don't see anything you love in my Etsy shop but you still want to help me, just take a gander at the tiers with special items that I offer. Even $1 makes a difference! 

If you need to change your pledge, don't worry! You can always edit or cancel your pledge anytime you want too.

 I appreciate any support you give towards my art that you're willing to give 

Check out my work on Instagram  
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$0 of $300 per month
This will cover the minimum costs of my loan payments and food for my pets. LETS DO THIS GUYS!  When we reach this mile stone, I'll do a special time lapse video of me drawing a 'Thank You' illustration that you guys will get digital hi-res version to use as your desktop wallpaper or phone wallpaper.
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