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Our project is dedicated to the spirit of giving, intuition and feeling. I believe that one of the most powerful things you can do in life is give and be kind and caring….. and the simplest of gifts are shared universally, with a language of kindness...... Our blue orb journey has no beginning or end….it just is. This premise is an idea.....Intuition and feeling normally comes behind reason and logic, but our instincts need to be as equal to, or more "accurate" than, reason or logic in determining how we all choose to live
Our subjects will be Art, Music, Storytelling..... unfolded on our website, and presented by the guests we will have on our Channel Casts. Our friends will introduce the music they are listening to….We’ll have conversations with musicians, actors, authors, artists…anyone with a good story. We’ll have in studio performance featuring some of our regions best musicians, filmmakers, creators, characters and anyone with an unusual worldview or story.
We intend to build an audience with an ongoing media rich blog and channel cast. Esoteric stories, trivial ephemera, controversial topics.
We intend to create a full line of Blue Orb items available on our e-commerce site such as Tee-shirts, and other Blue orb related fashion for men and women.
…..The journey will embrace the natural world, and celebrate it’s wisdom by illustrated Blue Orb stories... suspending reason for a pause in formless expression….image, symbology, sensation......
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