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With this tier you've officially helped me to make what I do a full time gig. your name will be added to the end of my videos that I make on my YouTube channel, letting everyone know who help me.

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With this tier I will be truly grateful to you and You will have the added gift back from me, that gift being a clean sketched Head shot of whoever you want me to draw for you!  plus you will be also added at the end of my videos as well. 

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Words can not describe the feeling I'll get if you go with this Tier. 

If you choose to go with this tier, you'll get a clean Full body drawing of whoever you want like before but better, and instead of just having your name at the end of videos, I'll do my best to pronounce and say your name specifically, just for that added touch for you Outstanding people!




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About Snoopierkid

Welcome to my Patreon Page! my name Is Snoopierkid or Benji, Whatever you want to call me and I'm a  Artist trying to make my passion full time. (if possible) I make concept sketches for a story that I'm trying to make & fully finished pieces of Commissions or Fan art. with doodles on the side. I also Make videos along side drawing to futher my creative drive, whether it be gaming related or art related.  now you don't have to support me Because my art is always free to look at, (whenever I do post them with the limited time I have for this passion) but if this patreon page turns out to help me long term, then expect to see more art from me when it happens.

so enjoy your stay and I hope to please you!

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