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About Social Science

Hi, my name is Derek. I am a musician, songwriter and composer from Sydney, Australia with a very specific vision. For a long time I used the words 'Rock Opera' to describe it. Perhaps think Pink Floyd meets Queen, Cirque du Soileil meets Blue Man Group. I had this vision when I was 16. This is truly my life's work and I have called it: 'Social Science'.

The Vision:
There are two parts to the vision:
1) Musically - integrating musical and performance styles and genres. Redefining the balance between Song, Soundtrack and Story. Creating a feeling of movies onstage during a gig.
2) Socially - asking how can we be better together than we are apart?
Exploring what makes us tick in our relationship to ourselves and others - illustrating the landscape that is somewhere between psychology and spirituality.

The Next Mission: From concEPt to the stage.
On the first of each month, I will be releasing a new, original composition with a music video.
These will start small. In the studio, shot with live footage, green screen and illustrations.
In the first half of 2017, I will be taking these to the stage using the concepts and illustrations as the starting point for live performance. 

Throughout this creative process I will be asking Patreon supporters for their opinions and feedback. All ideas which come from the community will be fully credited.

An exciting outrageous business model:
As a musician I see the Patreon model as a very new way of looking at the way we trade, especially for creative works. In corner store terms, the equivalent perhaps would be:
'In the old days, I used to walk into a shop and buy a can of drink, pay money and walk out. Now I am invited into a shop. I get to drink as much as I want for free, and if I like it, I give what money I can to support the maker of the drink, knowing he has to feed himself and his family and keep his machines running and maybe even get a new one so he can make his drinks even better'.

Patreon is a remarkable place where audiences support artists.
The truth is, any support would be massively appreciated on two levels:
1) Community and engagement.
You may be surprised how much every comment, every engagement means to me.
I write my music in the spirit of wanting to share a thought of support, and when real life actual people receive this and respond it fulfills a cycle which deeply invigorates me.
If this is not the right time to be pledging money, and you are responding to the music, you are still really important to me. Please drop me a note on Twitter or Facebook and let's connect.
2) Budget
Darn it real world - I do find one PIA about a mighty vision is that it costs a lot of money to hire the Opera House. Patreon is the place where you can contribute a monthly pledge and be a direct part of helping this grow and flourish. Every dollar will be going towards the next song and video and will allow me to work with professionals to quite simply - make it better. Much better. Taking the vision quite literally from sketch to reality.
I chose to do monthly campaigns because I reckon i can commit to one proper video a month. I plan to overdeliver. Looking forward to sharing lots of other fun and creative ideas.

To my thinking there are some magical places - Middle Earth, Hogwarts, and Patreon - a place where people I don't know yet connect with my work and become an active part of this vision coming to fruition.

Thank you for getting this far. I appreciate it more than I can express.
$23 of $500 per creation
Work with more session musicians - often symphonic and jazz players. I do believe that humans making music is fundamentally good thing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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