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Hello! This is a brief picture of me.

I am the one, who keeps gaining experience no matter how miserable the effect would be.
The complex principle I follow : "If one man did this, it's not impossible" is my favourite and I keep my faith in it.

The ideal model of any activity to me should be like this:
1)Begin a journey (an easiest creative task because all looks pretty in your head) - means to start
 exploring the world, fulfilling dreams.

<IF>The problem appears
identify reasons: e. i.
- whole image does not look right
- bad event happened
- stress
- the process stopped
-The great power of boredom encounters
- Finding a solution

Beyond the chronology is " The way you do it is incorrect" thing - simple rule (motion engine, which keeps the progress) The feeling of discomfort plays a key role in making progress. It makes the brain to produce more neurons and be stronger. Kind of "heating up" yourself , like doing sports. This is a tricky thing. Sometimes A bad result is good because it is important to be honest towards yourself and not to become mind-blinded. But sometimes it cam misguide you and confuse you. Causing you to stuck in time failing at anything.

Beyond the chronology - "A finish line" (a goal for short) is something that pushes you forward. Aside from the feeling of discomfort, this perfect result is like a meaning of life. The wisdom encourages you, problems discourages you, making you stronger. So the thing is - find the balance. Simple as that

2) "Very big PAUSE button" (like to capture a photo you need to stop everything) means the idea of management and planing. This looks like thinking of a brand new cooking recipe as the cook left you with no idea how to do it.

3)Take a zoom out (the more the better) - The ability to see hidden steps to the result. All effort should be put equally between activities. Not equal to 2) as 2) provides the possibility of the whole progress. i. e. You play piano slow because of not knowing how the positions of the harmonic scale. Zooming out to a music grammar.

4) "Do it another way" Even though the activity can look very simple, it is not. My beloved example is drawing. It is just not enough to draw since the physical mechanism of doing it is the same. So the problem is not how you draw, but what you draw.

5) Finding a right helpful source, which is a method of getting knowledge. And I am not talking about school. School gives a good but not quite needed image about learning and success: the maths appears to be just finding a way to make equations shorter by learning by hard hints to make them that way, Physics is such an interesting subject, but it's a lazy way to learn formulas by heart. So you get it. The bad inappropriate source will only misguide you.

6) Keeping the interest = keeping seeing the beauty in its simplicity. eg. Learning English is boring, that's why I keep believing in the illusion that I have a  such luck to be a part of this world, located much farer away from me. Doing a history project is boring, so I face the history differently, keep telling myself that it is interesting. That those event have such an impact and I have a chance to control it.

These words are dry to you if you are not into being more than you actually are.

So you have a complete picture of me as a traumatised guy, finding his golden ticket to a world of fame and financial prosperity, but this is not like that. I just have a hobby of proving that I can be better at something the only one true rational way. And this hope sustains me.

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