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About Colleen Butters

Hello Friend!  
My name's Colleen Butters, (alias Solar Citrus), and I'm a professional makeup artist and illustrator from Seattle WA!  I draw life-advice comics, as well as original characters and portraits related to shows, video games, comics and other categories.  Some of you may know me through my work on Tumblr!

Why Patreon?
Sustaining a livable income can be rather difficult when throwing into the mix the constant search for open time for my side projects.  Not only would I love to make this a full-time gig, I want to use this site as an educational platform for everybody who chooses to support, by posting reference sheets and providing a curriculum for others to learn and share content together.
You are giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, to dedicate more of my focus, time and efforts into providing the highest quality of content, while you my friend, can follow my process and gain further skills for your own artistic endeavors.  It's a win-win for everybody!

Thank you,
From the bottom of my heart!  Your support will make a world of a difference and will assist me in working exclusively on my own stories and original works.  My biggest dream is to use my artwork to teach and inspire across the world, and your support is giving me the chance to make it happen!!

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