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Thank you so much, your generosity is sincerely appreciated!! You will have access to my Patreon Only Activity Feed where I will answer questions & comments, post pictures/videos and keep you updated on new projects.
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Access to my Patreon Only Activity Feed PLUS I will send a message to my $3+ Patrons announcing any public performances, tour dates, upcoming songs/collaborations.
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Access to my Patreon Only Activity Feed and message of special announcements PLUS You'll receive early access to the official music video for every music! 




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About Solis Music

|| WHO WE ARE ||
We're Solis Music. We're glad that you visited our Patreon page. We create music videos and post it to our Youtube channel. Consider partnering with us as we continue to create top quality content!

Creating music and music videos is a full time job. From recording the music, to shooting/editing the videos, to sharing and promoting the content... it all has a cost and we need your help to keep it all going AND keep it free.

We're offering SUPER cool/SUPER exclusive rewards like...
  • Input on what songs go into our mashup covers
  • Early audio and video access
  • Personal shoutouts
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Fan mail
$5 of $500 per Performance Video
If I can get to this level per video, I will be able to produce a professional video music at least once a month!
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